common diamond blade problems

4 common diamond blade problems and how to solve them

Diamond blades are just like any other tool. At one point or another, you’re likely to encounter issues while using them. Here are four common diamond blade problems and how to solve them.

1. Overheating

Overheating can happen when you use the blade for a dry cut or when there isn’t enough water to cool the blade. Excessive heat can cause many other issues, including segment loss and loss of tension. If using the blade for a dry cut, run it freely every few minutes. For wet cuts, make sure your water supply has enough volume and there are no obstructions.

2. Loss of tension

If your blade is wobbling, it’s probably because it’s misaligned or you’re not running it at the appropriate RPM. It can also happen if the blade’s bond is too hard for the material you’re cutting. Check the blade’s alignment and make sure it’s rated to handle the material. Finally, check your RPM settings against the blade’s specifications.

3. Segment loss

In some cases, one or more segments can fall off the blade core. This may be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • You’re using a blade that’s too hard for the material 
  • There’s debris damaging the blade’s steel core
  • You’re twisting the blade while it’s in the cut
  • Worn bearings or blade mounts 

In addition to making sure the blade’s bond is rated for the material, check your water supply. You should also verify that your saw is getting enough power and that the bearings and mounts are in good shape.

4. Glazing

As a diamond blade is used, its bond wears off to expose more diamond shards, allowing it to maintain its efficacy. When the bond doesn’t wear back, eventually there’s no more exposed diamond, which causes the blade to become dull. This is known as glazing. The main causes are using a blade with a bond that’s too hard for the material, lack of power or a poorly mounted blade. Check that you’re using the correct blade, that it’s properly mounted and that you have enough power. 

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