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6 Maintenance and Performance Tips for Your Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond may be incredibly strong, but all diamond saw blades in Toronto are eventually going to become worn and encounter performance problems. By keeping in mind some simple maintenance and performance guidelines, you can help ensure that your saw blade has a lower chance of becoming bent or broken. Bomba Diamond Tools, a provider of concrete saw blades in Toronto, has six useful tips for you.

1) Use the Right Blade for the Job

Using the right blade for the sort of cut you need to make will help keep your blade from wearing out too early. Application-specific blades, whether for masonry, concrete, or green concrete, will help get the job done faster and more effectively. Using the right blade for the job is also a lot safer.

2) Inspect Before Cutting

One of the easiest ways to prevent the need for concrete saw repair in Toronto is to visually inspect your blade before you start cutting. Check for signs of cracks and other damage, and do not use the blade if you notice any. A thorough inspection is particularly important before using a new blade for the first time.

3) Take Precautions to Prevent Uneven Wearing

To keep your blade wearing evenly and to ensure a long operating life, remember to occasionally reverse it. Also, you'll want to take some time between cutting hard, dense material to make a few cuts in a softer, more abrasive material, as this will help reduce glazing.

4) Use a Soft Cut to Break in a New Blade

Cutting into a soft and more abrasive material is also a highly important component of breaking in a new blade. This first cut will bring the rim into concentricity and will help increase diamond protrusion.

5) Find the Cause of Tension Issues

There are many possible reasons why a blade may lose tension. The blade may be misaligned, the blade flanges may not be the same size, the blade may be turning at the wrong RPMs, or the blade may be too hard for the material it is cutting. Find out which problem it is, and take steps to correct it.

6) Keep the Blade from Getting Too Hot

There are two main reasons why a concrete saw blade may get too hot. The first is that the blade was not given enough time to cool down in between cuts. The second is a lack of adequate coolant. Make sure you always give your blade time to cool and that you check the water supply before you start cutting.

Concrete Saw Service and Repair in Toronto
At the end of the day, no matter how careful you are and how well you take care of your blade, you're eventually going to need concrete saw repair services in Toronto. At Bomba Diamond Tools, we have been manufacturing, servicing, and repairing concrete saw blades in Toronto and the surrounding area for 35 years.

If you've run into an issue with your concrete saw, don't hesitate to contact Bomba Diamond Tools and let us know what the problem is.