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Do's & Don't of Using Diamond Blades

Diamond blades are used to cut bricks, concrete and stones. They might get bent, burnt and broken if not used properly. To use your diamond blades for a long time without damaging them, you need to follow a few do’s and don’ts. At Bomba Diamond Tools, we have been serving clients all over North America for more than 40 years. Our saw blades have man-made diamond crystals embedded in them to increase their cutting power. Our services include core bits repair, saw blades repair and saw blade troubleshooting.


For Wet Cutting


The Do’s are:

1.     Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer on how the materials are to be cut.

2.     Always check the diamond blades prior to using them, to know of any damage that might have occurred during shipment.

3.     Make sure that the water flow is continuous on either side of the blade. Ample coolant supply is a must for wet-cutting blades to have a long and efficient life.

4.     Follow the pulley sizes and operating speeds suggested by the manufacturer for optimal performance of the blades.

5.     Inspect the blades regularly for cracks and heat marks to avoid unwarranted wear.

The Don’ts are:

1.     Using the diamond blades without prior experience is risky. Don’t cut without the required knowledge or without reading the manual.

2.     During operation, don’t stand in direct line with the blades.

3.     If a blade doesn’t match the specifications mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual, abstain from mounting it on the machine.

4.     If the blade shaft is not the right size, forcing the blade on the mount blade will lead to unnecessary blade damage.


For Dry Cutting


The Do’s are:

1.     While cutting, make sure that the saws are held with a firm grip.

2.     Make sure to wear safety equipment, such as glasses, footwear, clothing and headwear. Also carry a respiratory apparatus, if necessary.

3.     Check if the mounting flanges are of the correct size so that they don’t wear out too soon and are flat.

4.     Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to maintain operating speeds for blades of different diameters.

The Don’ts are:

1.     Abstain from using the blade on a kind of blade which isn’t recommended by the manufacturer.

2.     Avoid cuttingand grinding with the sides which have the diamond.

3.     With dry cut blades, don’t cut more than 1.5 inches per pass.

4.     Don’t cut through radii and curves.

5.     Don’t go beyond the operating speed suggested by the manufacturer.


Blade cores are made of alloy and can cut through a variety of materials which includes ceramic, glass, porcelain, marble, granite and stone. ContactBomba Diamonds for diamond blades today!