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Repair or Replace Your Concrete Saw Blade

If you’re a professional working in a construction trade then you know that your success and that of your project requires keeping your tools clean and well maintained – downtime is money out of your pocket. But how do you know if your diamond blade needs onsite maintenance, offsite service, or replacement?

Diamond Saw Blade Repair

Onsite maintenance may be necessary to squeeze a few more cutting hours out of the blade by dressing it. Sharpening or “dressing the blade” is done by cutting through something that will wear the metal away without eating at the diamonds too much.
You can re-sharpen the segments by cutting an abrasive material such as asphalt or cinderblock until the segments are rough once again.

Diamond Blade Troubleshooting

Then there are the various setup problems that can occur, promoting premature wear including: a badly aligned blade or the lack of sufficient water on one side of the blade; worn bearings, worn shaft, or an orifice on the blade’s arbor which is bigger than the shaft of the saw; worn flanges aren’t providing enough support which causes the blade to slip; and the bond is too hard for the material being cut, glazing over the diamonds which causes a pounding on the material resulting in segment loss.

There are also operator problems including: excessive cutting pressure or jamming the blade in the cut that can bend the segments and crack them; overheating due to lack of coolant or inappropriate use of the dry cutting blades; material slips during the cutting which causes the blade to jam or throw a segment; and using a blade that has worn out diamond segments.

The fix in many of these cases is additional training and increased maintenance including ensuring the operator verifies the alignment of the equipment; making sure the water is evenly distributed along the border of the flanges (blade supports and checking to ensure the pump is sending enough water evenly to both sides); using the correct amount of water when using wet cutting blades; using the right blade for the job and materials being cut; and that the material being cut is held in place correctly before cutting –
always consult your provider for the appropriate blade to effectively cut the material. They can also be maintained and repaired at Bomba Diamond Tools.

Signs that Your Diamond Blade Should Be Replaced

Diamond blade segments will need to be checked when the blade is nearly worn out and should be discarded once the laser welding pad is reached. Some of the most common “symptoms” of an old diamond blade that is on its last leg include:
  • Unusual vibrations when cutting;
  • Visible signs of damage or warping;
  • Diamonds and bond have worn through so you can see the steel core of the blade;
  • Unusually slow cutting speed; and a 
  • Strange thumping noises when cutting. 

Diamond Tools Service & Repair for Toronto and Surrounding Areas

At Bomba Diamond Tools, we can help you get the most out of your concrete saw blades, and have a complete service and repair division to help maximize your equipment – including emergency and on-call service. We offer a range of services for clients in
various industries, including construction and stonework across Canada and the USA. If you have questions about repairing or replacing you’re your diamond blades, contact Bomba Diamond Tools at 416-267-4689 in Scarborough or toll-free at -888-514-0978
for service across North America. 

At Bomba Diamond Tools, we manufacture, service and repair diamond blades in Toronto and the surrounding areas.