saw blade

When You Should Change Your Saw Blade

Is cutting wood or metal part of your day to day work? If so, you know how important it is to have a good quality saw blade in great condition. If the saw blade loses its efficiency, it can cost you a lot of money and time.


It is necessary to get your saw blades changed periodically for them to function at their best. At Bomba Diamond Tools, we manufacture core bits, specialty tools and diamond saw bladesfor a variety of applications. We have been in the diamond tools servicing and sales business for the past 40 years. We offer consultation,saw blades repair and saw blade troubleshooting services in Scarborough.

Signs That Your Saw Blades Need to be Changed

Here are some things to watch out for to know if your saw blades are deteriorating:

Slow cutting

When cutting through wood or metal, a properly functioning saw blade should produce zero to no resistance. If there is difficulty while using the blade, it is probably because the saw blade has lost its sharpness and has become dull. That is a sign that you need to get it changed.

Extra noise while cutting

Saws are usually loud during operation but if the blades have worn out, the noise will be significantly louder and alarming. When you get brand new saw blades, try to remember the kind of noise it makes when used. Compare it later to the sound the saw blade makes after considerable usage so that you know when it isn’t working efficiently.


Burn marks on wood


If you plan to use your saw blade for cutting wood, make sure to check each piece you cut. The burn marks are an indicator that the saw blade has lost its sharpness and isn’t working to its fullest potential.


Lack of smoothness on cut lines


It is important for your saw blade to move along cut lines smoothly. If there are jagged lines in the metal or wood, it means that the saw blade has lost its sharpness and causing inaccurate cutting.

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