Buying Diamond Saw Blades in Toronto

Which Concrete Saw Blades in Toronto Should You Buy?

You have taken on a project with gusto, and you are ready to move forward. However, to cut through a wall present on the property, you need the right blade. Should you go with the cheaper abrasive blades or opt for the efficient, but costly, diamond saw blades? Buying the right blade for your portable cut-off saw is critical, and it is not just about price. For starters, you need to consider what blades are used for which conditions, and then assess the value of that blade over the investment.

Critical Factors to Consider When Buying Saw Blades in Toronto
To decide between an abrasive blade and the ever-popular diamond option, you must consider the following factors:

  • Use: Abrasive blades are ideal for tile and masonry cutting, while diamond blades are more versatile. A diamond blade can be used on masonry, ceramic, glass, and concrete.
  • Cost and Return on the Investment: A diamond blade will cost more upfront, but it will offer you more solutions than an abrasive blade. The diamond blade can be used in a variety of projects, which means you will have to buy fewer blades to finish a project. The abrasive blade is more limited in function than a diamond blade, so you may have to purchase other blades to cut items like ceramic or glass.
  • Safety Factor: A diamond blade is much safer because abrasive blades can easily crumble and throw fragments around. The abrasive version is made from bonded materials; therefore, it is not a solid piece. It also contains minerals like carbide, which add strength, but can break down.

Wet or Dry-Cutting Diamond Blades?

Now that you know the value of a diamond saw blade, the next step is understanding the difference between wet cutting and dry cutting. Wet-cutting blades are used for heavy-duty applications. You use them for detail and precision
work, such as cutting hard materials at delicate angles. When you use water to keep the blade cool, you also minimize dust output from the blade. When dry cutting, you typically use a dry-cutting diamond blade indoors. These are heat-resistant and do not require water to stay cool. You might use a dry-cutting blade on a handheld saw, but only if it has low horsepower.

When purchasing a diamond saw blade in Toronto, it is important to note that you can order customized saw versions to fit your machine, but also your application. Bomba Diamond Tools is a manufacturer of high-quality diamond blades and core bits in Toronto. We service, repair, and custom-make diamond blades for a variety of industries and projects.

Whether you need a hard or soft bond, our team can create the ideal diamond blade for your project, and ensure it is a tool that will last you for many projects to come. Schedule your consultation with Bomba Diamond Tools and let our team help you find the right saw blades in Toronto for your project. Call us now at 416-267-4689 or fill out an online contact form and we will be in touch shortly.