Diamond Saw Blades

Why You Should Use Diamond Blades and Tools

Diamond tools and saw blades are a popular choice in many Toronto industries for their high efficiency and low force grinding, high wear resistance and long lifespan. Keep reading to learn why diamond blades are well worth the investment.

Types of Diamond Blades

When it comes to choosing diamond saw blades in Toronto there are two main things you need to consider, the type of blade and the bond.

There are three main types of saw blades:

  • A segmented rim. A dry cutting blade, a segmented rim is perfect for cutting through concrete, brick, masonry, reinforced concrete and limestone when water is not available. 
  • A turbo rim. This blade has excellent cooling capabilities and cuts quickly in both wet and dry applications. A turbo rim can quickly cut through concrete, brick and limestone. 
  • A continuous rim. The continuous rim is the slowest type of blade but what you lose in speed you gain in quality of cut. The continuous rim is a wet cut blade, which is ideal for cutting marble, granite, porcelain tile and ceramic tile.

The bond refers to the method used to bind the diamonds to the blade and determines the level of blade hardness and softness:

  • Hard bonds are more durable but should not be used to cut hard, smooth materials. 
  • Soft bond blades wear away more quickly which exposes new diamonds so that you get a consistently smooth cut. They’re perfect for materials like porcelain or marble.

When considering the blade bond remember that the harder the material you’re cutting, the softer the bond should be and vice versa.

Applications for Diamond Blades and Tools

Diamond tools have applications in many industries including:
  • Auto manufacturing and processing 
  • Construction
  • Engineering 
  • Fine jewelry
  • Geological exploration
  • IT 
  • Stone cutting
  • Woodworking

Some saw blades are designed specifically for cutting a certain material like marble or precious gems, while other diamond blades are for general use.

Maintaining Diamond Blades and Tools

Choosing the right bond and blade for the job will not only extend the life of your blade but also ensure that you get a clean cut. Always remember to:

  • Inspect the blade before each use
  • Test cut in concrete to expose the diamonds on new diamond blades
  • Allow the blade to cool between cuts
  • Cut with water whenever possible 
  • Rotate the blade often for even wear

For more information on diamond blades, circular saw blades, core bits or other specialty tools, visit Bomba Diamond Tools in Scarborough today. With over 35 years in the business, we’re Toronto’s most trusted source for diamond blades and tools. Contact us today to learn more.