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Helpful Information about Diamond Tools in Toronto

  • wood cutting circular saw blade
    Different Types of Diamond Saw Blades: Applications and Uses

    Diamond saw blades are used in a wide range of industries and applications, leading to countless types being available on the market.

    With such so many different types of diamond saw blades available, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your project. If you do not pick out the right type of blade for what you are planning to cut, you may end up damaging the saw or material being worked on.


    Here is a quick guide on the different types of blades and how to choose the best diamond saw blades in Toronto for your project. Keep on reading to learn more.


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  • circular saw blades
    How to Get the Most Use Out of Your Diamond Blade

    If you want to produce high-quality, accurate cuts with your table saw, you’ll need a high-quality blade. With the right blade and the right amount of power, you’ll get an accurate cut every time.

    That is why maintaining your saw blades is equally important. Without proper maintenance, your blade will dull, making it nearly impossible to achieve precise and accurate results.


    Keep on reading to learn more about how to get the most use out of your diamond blade.


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  • mechanic looking at saw blades
    4 Questions to Consider When Purchasing Diamond Blades

    If you’re familiar with the world of power tools, you probably know that there are several different types of saw blades for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re a DIYer or a contractor, the right blade can make your job much easier.


    While conventional saw blades can be used by beginners, diamond saw blades are often used by tradespeople with real know-how and skill. Diamond blades move through stone like butter. This is because they are specially designed to be hard on the material and soft on the tool. Since they are made out of the toughest material on earth, they are also built to last.


    The effectiveness of a particular diamond blade depends largely on its quality and how well it is able to make long cuts in stone that don’t dull or break.

    If you work with concrete, tile, granite, or any other thick surface, then you're probably looking for a good diamond saw blade in Toronto and Scarborough. 


    To get one that fits your saw and does the job, keep these four questions in mind.


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  • man cutting concrete
    How to Cut Concrete With a Circular Saw?

    Did you know that concrete is the most abundantly consumed material around the world besides water? Well, it's true, and this makes sense when you consider the wide variety of applications that it's used for. 

    Concrete can be used to pave roads and sidewalks, but it also is used to erect buildings, create monuments, and construct outdoor furniture and patio flooring. If you're a contractor or individual who needs to cut concrete more easily, circular saw blades are the right choice. 

    Read on to learn what a circular saw is and how it's used to cut through concrete! 

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  • core drill
    Dry vs. Wet Core Drilling: What's the Difference?

    Drilling has many uses for a wide range of industries because of its efficiency in cutting concrete. Concrete is one of the hardest materials used in construction. If you want to create holes in concrete, then drilling is the way to go. 
    This article will highlight the key differences between wet and dry core drilling and how to choose the proper method. 

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  • 26/10/2020
    How Are Diamond Blades Made? A Quick Guide

    Diamond blades are an essential tool on a construction site. They are specially crafted and do not come cheap. So how can you check you are using the right one and getting value with your blade?


    Below we discuss diamond blades. We take you through how they are made, and how to get the best from each type. 

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  • saw blade
    When You Should Change Your Saw Blade

    Is cutting wood or metal part of your day to day work? If so, you know how important it is to have a good quality saw blade in great condition. If the saw blade loses its efficiency, it can cost you a lot of money and time.


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  • diamond blades
    Do's & Don't of Using Diamond Blades

    Diamond blades are used to cut bricks, concrete and stones. They might get bent, burnt and broken if not used properly. To use your diamond blades for a long time without damaging them, you need to follow a few do’s and don’ts. At Bomba Diamond Tools, we have been serving clients all over North America for more than 40 years. Our saw blades have man-made diamond crystals embedded in them to increase their cutting power. Our services include core bits repair, saw blades repair and saw blade troubleshooting.

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  • 09/03/2020
    Core Drill Bits – Repair, Sharpening & Tip Replacement

    Core drills are available in various designs to meet the different requirements and needs of your project. They are primarily used in mining applications or to drill holes in concrete for pipes and manholes. The cylindrical core obtained is useful for sample evaluation, assessing reserves or ground investigation. Bomba Diamond Tools has been manufacturing quality core bits for customers in Toronto for over 40 years. We make sure your investment in a core drill lasts as long as possible.

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  • Diamond Blades
    Tips to Make Diamond Blades Last Longer

    Diamond blades get beat up in a lot of ways and get stuck, burned, bent or broken. It’s not practically or economically ideal and to make them last for a significant time requires reliable workmanship. 

    Bomba Diamond Tools manufactures and provides service for diamond saw blades, core bits and specialty tools for customers in Toronto and across North America. We serve customers in a wide variety of industries such as stonework and construction.

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  • Concrete cutting
    6 tips for effective concrete saw cutting

    Diamond blades are encrusted with diamond bits made to cut through hard or abrasive materials such as concrete, asphalt, bricks and ceramics. With the right technique, they’re the most effective way to saw through concrete. Here’s how to do it.

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  • Cleaning Diamond Blade
    How to clean your diamond blade

    A clean cut requires a clean blade. Gummed up blades increase friction and heat, causing your saw to work less effectively. There are two ways to clean your diamond blade: with a cleaning solution or by doing a bit of sawing. Here’s how to make your diamond blade as good as new.

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  • common diamond blade problems
    4 common diamond blade problems and how to solve them

    Diamond blades are just like any other tool. At one point or another, you’re likely to encounter issues while using them. Here are four common diamond blade problems and how to solve them.

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  • diamond core bits on concrete
    How to use diamond core bits on concrete

    Many projects require the use of diamond core drills, from large-scale commercial and industrial work to advanced DIY projects. Here’s what you need to know about using diamond core bits to drill into concrete.

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  • Saw Blades in Toronto Ontario
    Repair or Replace Your Concrete Saw Blade

    If you’re a professional working in a construction trade then you know that your success and that of your project requires keeping your tools clean and well maintained – downtime is money out of your pocket. But how do you know if your diamond blade needs onsite maintenance, offsite service, or replacement?

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  • Buying Diamond Saw Blades in Toronto
    Which Concrete Saw Blades in Toronto Should You Buy?

    You have taken on a project with gusto, and you are ready to move forward. However, to cut through a wall present on the property, you need the right blade. Should you go with the cheaper abrasive blades or opt for the efficient, but costly, diamond saw blades? Buying the right blade for your portable cut-off saw is critical, and it is not just about price. For starters, you need to consider what blades are used for which conditions, and then assess the value of that blade over the investment.

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  • Saw blades in Toronto Ontario
    6 Maintenance and Performance Tips for Your Diamond Saw Blades

    Diamond may be incredibly strong, but all diamond saw blades in Toronto are eventually going to become worn and encounter performance problems. By keeping in mind some simple maintenance and performance guidelines, you can help ensure that your saw blade has a lower chance of becoming bent or broken. Bomba Diamond Tools, a provider of concrete saw blades in Toronto, has six useful tips for you.

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  • Diamond Saw Blades
    Why You Should Use Diamond Blades and Tools

    Diamond tools and saw blades are a popular choice in many Toronto industries for their high efficiency and low force grinding, high wear resistance and long lifespan. Keep reading to learn why diamond blades are well worth the investment.

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