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Custom Saw Blades in Toronto and Scarborough

If you’re looking for ways to improve your company’s productivity and increase your bottom line, our consulting services can help. At Bomba Diamond Tools, we provide our clients with diamond tool sales and services. Our team of highly qualified technicians will work with you to provide troubleshooting in Toronto for your business and can design custom tools to help improve the efficiency and quality of your company’s performance. Call us today for our consulting services and to choose the perfect saw blade for your next project. You can count on us for core bits repair, consulting and concrete cuttin saw service in Toronto.


Common Saw Blades Problems

Any issue with the saw blades reduces cutting speed which affects the production. The blade issues may be a result of the overuse of blades or mechanical failures. If you experience frequent problems with the blades, consider checking with an expert to see if the saw blades can be repaired or look at replacing them with a new one. You can rely on Bomba Diamond Tools for help if you come across the following saw blades problems:

  • Band breakage
  • Broken saw teeth
  • Dull blades
  • Rough cut
  • Weld breakage
  • Chip welding
  • Worn sides of the blades
  • Twisted blades and more



Band Saw Blades

We understand the importance of saw blades in the daily chores and the efficiency of your work. Our saw blades are designed to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your cutting project.

  • Wood-cutting saw blade

An excellent choice for cutting wood and plastic, our saw blades are designed in such a way to ensure maximum productivity and extended life for your saw blade. These are also heat-treated to provide hardness and wear resistance.

  • Metal-cutting saw blade

These blades can be used for cutting different shapes and sizes of steel. They are built in a way to reduce noise and vibration, resulting in efficient operation and long life.



How Can You Avoid Saw Blade Problems?

A band saw blade is used to shape metal and wood materials. This tool is very helpful in cutting ceramics, glasses and other nonferrous metals. You may experience cut problems and mechanical issues, which reduce the overall productivity. It is important for you to take precautions and improve the functionality of the saw blades. Here are some tips you can follow to avoid blade failures:

  • Make sure to slow down the feed speed for smoother cuts
  • Check the alignment of saw blades to balance the pressure
  • Make sure to clean and sharpen the blades before cutting metals
  • Avoid overloading of sawing machine
  • Ensure correct blade tooth spacing
  • Ensure setting the blade depth correctly

Contact us if you need our help with saw blades in Toronto and Scarborough.


How TO Extend the Cutting Life of Your Saw Blade?

Proper maintenance of your saw blade can ensure longevity, even after proper, extensive use. Below are listed ways you can get the most out of your saw blade:

  • Use the correct blade

The wrong blade used for the wrong material can result in more resharpening of the blade with dull performance. Resharpening because of improper use can decrease the life of your saw blades.

  • Properly install the blade

Proper installation with precision to detail is crucial. Be cautious while removing any debris between the spindle, the blade and the flange and make sure the backlash is ‘taken up’ to decrease the chances of the blade breaking through the pinhole.

  • Don’t put excess pressure

Let the blade do the work. Knowledge of the apt force to be applied is a must. Putting in excess pressure doesn’t make the cut easier but puts unnecessary pressure on the blade. It is important to know your machine, including its cut speed options, chip loads, RPM, to get the most out of it.

  • Lubrication of blade

Though a blade can work without lubrication, lubricating it while cutting eases the pressure on the blade while reducing the friction between the blade and the material. Not lubricating the blade can result in unnecessary friction and heat, leading to dull results.

  • Automate the process

Using an automatic machine can increase productivity and result in a longer life span for the blade.

However, if you’re confused about whether it’s time to change your saw blade or not, head out to our blog and get the right information.


Saw Blades in Toronto | FAQs

Have a look at some of the commonly asked questions about saw blades we receive from our customers:


Can I Use a Diamond Saw Blade for Side Grinding as Well as Cutting?

Diamond saw blades are designed to cope with forces associated with cutting. Using it for side grinding can be very dangerous; hence, it is advised not to do it.


Is It Better to Cut Deep or Shallow?

Deep cutting or a single cut leads to slow cutting speed and a shorter life, whereas shallow cuts result in a faster cutting speed and longer disc life.


Should the Diamond Saw Blade Be Mounted in Any Particular Way?

Yes, the blade should have an arrow on its core, and this arrow should always follow the direction of rotation. The blade needs to be mounted in a way that the diamond always leads the comet tail when rotating.


Our Approach

We treat every project as our own. With a personalized approach in every project we take upon, we make sure we complete it with utmost precision and care. Our experts assure excellent quality service with the best consultation keeping all of your needs in mind.


Why Choose Us for saw blades in toronto?

With over 40 years of experience, we manufacture custom tools just made according to you and your machinery’s needs. We have trained and skilled workmen to carry out your saw blade requirements in Toronto. We treat all of our customers and their needs with respect and provide emergency services.


Get in touch with us for saw blades in Toronto and Scarborough.

Create Your Own Custom Saw Blade With the Right Contractor!

Our professionals can create saws for different applications and materials.

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