Concrete Saw Blade Repair Services in Toronto and Scarborough

When your saw blade isn’t performing properly or has parts that are wearing down, you can trust Bomba Diamond Tools for professional and fast concrete saw repair in Toronto. Taking care of your saw blade is easy when you can call on our dedicated team to help you get your saw up and running again – we have over 40 years of experience in the industry. There are many problems that can arise when you have been using a saw for a long time, but you can always come to Bomba Diamond Tools for efficient and effective servicing.


Services We Offer

Some of the problems we are experienced at fixing include:

Segments Wearing Down on One Side

The segments on a concrete saw can wear down because there is not enough water on one side of the blade and the blade could also be poorly aligned. Bring your concrete saw blade to our Scarborough shop  and we can verify the alignment, clean the water system, and make sure that the pump is working properly and distributing water evenly to both sides of the blade.

Worn-Out Flanges

When the flanges on your saw are worn-out, they will not effectively support the blade and it will slip. Let us know if the flanges on your saw aren’t functioning properly and our skilled technicians will replace them.

Overheated Diamond Blade

An overheated blade can happen because not enough coolant is reaching the blade. At Bomba Diamond Tools, we can check the water system to ensure it is running properly, and unclog the nozzles if need be so that enough water will reach the blade.

Worn-Out Diamond Segments

If the diamond segments are worn-out on your blade, bring it to us and we can replace or repair the segments. A laser-welded blade with 10mm segments has about 9mm of segment height that is useful, and it should be discarded once the laser-welding pad is reached.

Bond is Too Hard for the Material

When the segments on your saw are becoming smooth, this is because the bond is too hard for the material that is being cut into. Come into our shop and we can help find the right blade that you need for cutting through certain materials. We can also safely re-sharpen the segments on your blade to make them rough and ready to use again.

Saw Blade Wearing Down

A worn shaft or worn bearings can wear your saw blade down quickly. Damaged or dirty flanges, as well as an orifice on the blade’s arbor being bigger than the shaft can also wear down your blade. Bring your saw blade to Bomba Diamond Tools and we can replace the shaft or the bearings, and also take a look at the flanges and repair them if they are damaged.

Call Us to Get Your Concrete Saw Repaired

If you need saw blade troubleshooting, concrete saw repairs, or emergency repairs in Toronto call Bomba Diamond Tools today. We can take care of fixing damage to your blade, and also replace broken parts and help you to prolong the life of your saw blade.


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